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You’re our guest, after all

On the exhibition floor, let exhibitors inform you about all kinds of innovative products and state-of-the-art developments. Brush up your knowledge by attending one or more lectures, which are often presented by a couple of your colleagues from local government. You might also be lucky enough to find yourself attending a free lecture by a leading speaker.

At the same time, enjoy free coffee, tea and soft drinks. Admission is free, of course. Admission to both the exhibition floor and the lectures is free at all our trade fairs.

ExpoProof trade fairs are known for their pleasant atmosphere

Their accessible atmosphere makes it easy to strike up a conversation with exhibitors or any colleagues you might come across. Our fairs are also characterised by being compact and easy to find your way around. Each fair features a recognisable range of products and services, so there's no nonsense to work through.

Great reception with admission ticket, and even for those with no ticket getting in was quick.

Visitor to a fair

Friendly waiters, always on the move. Excellent organisation, nice newsletters, and quick, concise communication.

Visitor to a fair

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